Travel. Your Way!

Traveler’s Caffe

Meet Caffé….and his doggy parents!

Hi, I am Annette and Caffè is my little chihuahua and the ultimate travel buddy. Caffè’s name is Italian, and yes it means coffee because when he was just a little pup, he was a brown little guy, like the color of coffee. I have spent over 20 years living or traveling extensively through Italy and it is the place I call my second home!
My boyfriend Eddy and I have been “gypsies” most of our adult lives and have traveled to more than 50 countries (and counting) and lived across the US and other parts of the world, too! We love exploring new places, learning about cultures, and eating the delicious foods that each destination offers.

Caffé has traveled with us throughout the US mostly and we hope to travel with him overseas soon. He is a special little guy with an unknown bone deficiency and has broken his two hind legs and pelvic bone somehow, but after 4 surgeries and lots of rest and love, he is doing great. He hops around on 3 legs and uses his 4th for balance. Strong and loving little guy so we honored him by naming the company after him! We are the travelers, and he is our little Caffè!

One of my favorite things to do is to plan trips for others, so I turned this passion into my business. I was fortunate enough to be a Tour Director and Guide for close to 15 years for Groups of Americans in Italy, France, Latin America and various parts of the US so also have extensive destination knowledge in these areas. I have also had the opportunity to arrange and organize trips for over 10 years now in various capacities from Director of a large company to owner of my very own business.

Café life is also something we enjoy greatly when we travel, as every place in Europe has those special little cafes in outdoor places that are a must visit on any travel itinerary!

What Sets Us Apart

we are not your typical travel agency…we are much more!

We are avid travelers and take pride in getting to know the destinations we specialize in. We love sharing the ins and outs of each location so you travel not just like a tourist, but can also get a little sense of what the locals love about their cities.
Your trip means the world to us and we will take time to explain your itineraries and what makes each place so special. We will be here when you have questions and will assist with any situations that may arise while you travel. You will speak to one of us at all times and promise you won’t have to call an 800 number to get the attention you deserve.