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Welcome to Traveler’s Caffè! We’re Annette & Eddy … you’ll meet Caffé further down! Let us help you design your next travel adventure through Europe. We do all the work so you can just get out there and explore!

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Why Customize your trip with us?

Travel is an adventure that everyone cherishes differently. Some travelers enjoy music, while others enjoy art, and some may go crazy over the local foods, while others simply want to hit the road less traveled. We have over 25 years of experience with Europe, from living there, doing business there, and traveling extensively. Our passion is creating a memorable experience that is yours and yours alone! Our travel packages are priced as a whole experience, but can be modified to fit your travel style and budget… Read More

Our Top Destinations and Sample Itineraries

How it Works!

Planning & Design

  • Initial travel planning call with you
  • We research and design your itinerary
  • We review it with you and adjust as needed
  • You approve the itinerary and inclusions

Pricing & Booking

  • We select accommodations & transportation
  • Then sprinkle in attractions and tours
  • We price out your package and finalize the itinerary
  • You submit your deposit
  • Your trip is confirmed

Itinerary & Travel

  • Final payment 60 days before departure
  • Final itinerary 30 days before departure
  • Pre-trip call to review your trip
  • Depart on your trip
  • Emergency assistance provided 24/7

Travel Planning Fee

Initial One-Time Fee

Short Adventures


Regular Adventures


Long Adventures


* In some cases, there may be an additional fee charged for extended stay trips or those that require a little extra work.

We charge an initial TRAVEL PLANNING FEE to ensure that we can properly research and find all the inclusions that will make your trip extra special. Putting together one of our itineraries is a specialized process as we take your vacation seriously. Every one of our itineraries is customized and this fee allows us to create an itinerary that is not only personalized, but also very detailed. The fee is due after our first TRAVEL PLANNING SESSION and is non-refundable. In some cases, this fee is waived if book one of our standard, pre-designed itineraries.

If you book your trip with us and spend at least $1000 per person, the fee is deducted from your final invoice. If instead, you choose to book your services on your own or decide to cancel your trip, we provide you with an itinerary that you can use as well as suggestions on what to book if requested.

Package Pricing

Our programs are designed just for you!

Once we have established an itinerary for you and we price out your program, you will receive a per person price with all of the inclusions we discussed, which typically include all or some of these:
Note that we do not offer itemized pricing because we are not a standard travel agency, and we often book non-published rates on your behalf that are then incorporated into a package to ensure best value. We also book refundable rates to offer you more flexibility.

Package price does not include:

It’s easy when you travel with us

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