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Travel Design Timeline

Let’s take a closer look….so you know what to expect!

Travel Planning Session

Our initial TRAVEL PLANNING session is designed to help us learn more about your travel style, what you’d like to see, where you want to go, and what you want to do when you get there. We also get a feel for your budget if you are trying to stay within one. Whether you have a clear idea or need help figuring it all out, we will gather as much information as possible and provide as much insight and suggestions as we can during this call. We charge a travel planning fee upfront that is then deducted from your final package price.

Itinerary Design

With the information collected, we then continue on to the ITINERARY DESIGN based on your requests and what we decided would work well for you. We also look at accommodations, transportation, and actual activities that we recommend to create your initial itinerary.

Approval & Review

You will receive the initial itinerary in an outline format with day-by-day activities to help you easily understand if the itinerary is right for you. We REVIEW the itinerary and make whatever changes you may want until we get your APPROVAL.

Itinerary Confirmed & Priced

The itinerary is then CONFIRMED with all package inclusions and then PRICED OUT as a package. If pricing is not quite right, we can make adjustments in accommodations and inclusions to meet your budgetary needs. At this point, you will have an outline itinerary, which is not yet your final itinerary. This comes later.

Invoice Sent & Deposit Paid

We will send out an INVOICE for the initial deposit of $400 per person and once PAID, we CONFIRM the inclusions on your packaged trip.

Overview Itinerary, Travel Tips Sent

Within a few days, when we receive confirmations for your hotels and flights, we will create an OVERVIEW ITINERARY in our travel app where you will only see hotels and flights, as well as travel tips and some general details about your trip. The Final Itinerary comes later, and depending on when you book, you may not hear from us again until closer to your departure date, but if any questions arise, we are available at any time to help!

Final Payment Due

FINAL PAYMENT will be due 60 days prior to travel, and this is when we start finalizing and fine tuning your entire trip

Final Itinerary Sent

Your FINAL ITINERARY is usually available, in the same travel app you received initially, 30 to 20 days before travel. This is where all the final details of your trip will be populated into your itinerary. It will include suggestions for free time, all information about inclusions, all confirmations and vouchers, directions, and so much more! After you have reviewed it all, and before your trip, we can get on another call to review all the details and answer any outstanding questions.

Get on your Flight and Travel!

Now what’s left is for you to pack your bags, get ready for your trip and GET ON THAT FLIGHT! Europe awaits and your TRAVEL adventure begins! While you travel, if you have any questions or problems that arise, we are just a phone call or email away, and easily accessible to ensure peace of mind during your trip!